Oh the humanity! Shutting up your inner critic

An angry looking child sitting in a chair.I’ve just learned a very depressing fact: I’m thoroughly human.

And my highly critical inner voice hates that.

“What is this? Did you just fail to meet your goal? This wasn’t even a big goal! It was just a baby step towards a goal!” It yells.

I’m paraphrasing. Because honestly, my inner critic can get pretty personal and mean.

And being mean is a terrible way to motivate or change behavior, don’t you think?

I think so, too. This is why I’ve been trying to quiet that inner voice a bit. Not silence it completely. Constructive criticism is the way we learn to do better.

So now when my inner voice starts shouting at me because –

“You’re supposed to be helping people reach their own goals and here you are an abject failure!”

I tell it –

“I think showing people that I’m not some superstar, that I’m human too, helps out more than me being perfect!”

When your own inner critic starts yelling at you for making mistakes, having setbacks, or just being human, how do you quiet that voice down a bit so you don’t give up your goals completely? Do you redirect those thoughts, or argue with it? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on the Writer’s Fitness Plan Facebook page!

In the interest of full disclosure I’m going to quote Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory  – “I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.”

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  1. Roaen
    Roaen April 14, 2014 at 7:37 pm | | Reply

    when my inner critics come out, i try to shut them up by blogging about the positive side of the failures… fake it til you make it right? haha, it usually works.. 🙂

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