The Donkey Workout – Maintain Proper Form

A Donkey carrying a load of packages on its back.

Don’t do a Donkey Workout. Keep an eye on your form at all times!

Maintain Proper Form!

This is my new mantra, screamed silently in my head during every strength training session now.

See, I learned a very painful, yet valuable, lesson during week three – being super tired makes me lax when it comes to form.

I call these super tired workouts, “Donkey Workouts.”

Meaning I half-ass my way through them and because of one such donkey workout,  I ended up “twinging” my neck and back. I had to go super easy on strength training days for the rest of week three and all of week four.

So here’s the advice I’ve repeated to myself since then:

If I’m too tired to maintain proper form when I get up in the morning to workout, then my workout gets postponed until later in the day.

Or I’ll swap a Cardio day in, instead.

Or, in extreme cases of fatigue, take a rest day!

Because if you hurt yourself while lifting weights, you’re going to have to take an enforced break! And that’s not getting you any closer to your health and fitness goals.

And always remember to check with your doctor if you think you’ve truly hurt yourself. The longer you let a true injury go on, the longer it takes to heal from it!

Week Five (May 29 – June 4, 2013) Check-In

Total Strength Workouts Scheduled for Week Five: 3

Completed – 3
Missed – 0

Total Cardio / Abs Workouts Scheduled for Week Five: 3

Completed – 3
Missed – 0

Five weeks and no days missed, yet! Sure, I had to take it easy, but I just adjusted the exercises I did for my neck and back. I also had to increase the amount of weight I lifted for my arm workouts. That’s definitely progress!

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